Baby Draccuses Are Ready For Adoption!

After centuries (actually just a couple years) stuck in the lair of the evil monster (which was really just customs), the baby Draccuses have made their way to the Kingdom of Worldbuilders and are ready for you to adopt!

(...psst, if you haven't yet, you can watch Gray and Jamie's dramatic reenactment of The Legend of the Draccus here:)

We have a couple of adoption choices for you.

You can either adopt just the baby draccus plushie, or you can get the Bundle of Draccus, which comes with some sweet draccus-themed stuff! The bundle automatically comes with "The Luring of the Draccus" 12.66 x 17" print, but you also have the option of adding on the King of Tokyo Draccus Promo Card as well as the "Mating Habits of the Common Draccus" journal.

Because of the trouble we had getting these in stock, we're not sure if we'll ever be able to restock our supply.

So if you've been wanting a Draccus plushie now is the time!

Adopt one before they're gone forever!

Adopt A Baby Draccus Now