Naomi Novik Virtual Book Signing!

Saturday, October 17th at 7pm CST, Naomi Novik will be joining us on the Worldbuilders Twitch Channel for a virtual book signing!

Naomi's newest book, A Deadly Education, from her new series Scholomance is available for preorder on the Worldbuilders Market here.

Naomi Novik is a New York Times best-selling author of Uprooted and Spinning Silver, and is a true master of the Fantasy genre. Her newest series takes place at a school for the magically gifted - but with a twist.

According to Naomi, during her middle school days she read about an old legend of a school for witches and wizards that was supposedly run by the Devil himself and where students learned the darkest magics. Her Scholomance series is her interpretation of that legend.

At the event Naomi will be signing 25 bookplates designed by artist Julia Maddalina. 25 books preordered from the Worldbuilders Market prior to October 17th will be randomly selected to receive a bookplate. All hardcover books will ship as soon as we receive the signed bookplates from Naomi.

Preorder your copy here, and follow Worldbuilders on Twitch to be notified of when we go live!