Vintish Pennies Available For Preorder!

Worldbuilders has teamed up with Shire Post Mint to bring you officially-licensed Vintish Pennies!

The pennies feature King Feyda Calanthis, who was posthumously declared the first king of Tarvintas. The coin features imagery of King Feyda both in life and in death, and can be broken in two to create two Vintish ha'pennies.

There are two versions of the coin - the Standard Version, which was struck after Feyda died, and Limited Edition Version, which was struck when he was still alive. The Standard Version is thinner and is approximately 12 grams, whereas the Limited Edition Version is a thicc boi and comes in at a full 21 grams.

Both coins come scored down the center so they can be broken, as well as being treated to look as though it has been handled and circulated. Once broken to make change, it is only polite to offer the other party the choice of which half to keep.

Coin artwork was done by none other than Nate Taylor, the engraving was by Woody Maringer, and all stages of the design and production were approved by Patrick Rothfuss.

The coins are available for preorder now in the Worldbuilders Market, and you can check them out here.