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by Nandi Taylor

$ 18.00

Product Description

Available now in Worldbuilders Market is Given by Nandi Taylor. This book is available in paperback edition and will ship with a bookplate signed by the author.

Unable to watch her father waste away from a mysterious illness, fierce warrior Yenni, of the Yirba tribe, sets off for a distant empire. Determined to find a cure for her father, Yenni travels to Cresh, where she comes face to face with culture shock, prejudice, and a brazen shape-shifting dragon, Weysh. As her gods, the Sha, watch and judge, Yenni only has two options: succeed and save her father, or fail and face exile. To complicate her journey, Weysh believes that Yenni is his “Given”, his destiny—if only he knew that falling in love isn’t part of her plan. 

All proceeds go to Worldbuilders, a geek-centered nonprofit supporting humanitarian efforts worldwide.