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Get Lucky

by Cheapass Games

$ 18.00

Designed by James Ernest and created by Cheapass Games, Get Lucky is a simple, light-hearted card game about murdering an old man in his house.  It's based on the classic Cheapass board game Kill Doctor Lucky.

Each player controls two characters, and Doctor Lucky visits every character in order.  When you've got the Doctor, you've also got the turn.  Will you strengthen your characters, build your hand, swap characters with the Drawing Room, or make a murder attempt?  As in the board game, Doctor Lucky's luck is played by the other players, and the old man is extremely hard to kill.  Make enough murder attempts to wear him out, and you'll be the one to Get Lucky!

Get Lucky contains 72 cards, a single black pawn to represent Doctor Lucky, and is handsomely boxed.

Additionally, one of the playable characters has a stunning resemblance to a certain fantasy author that you may have heard of... (See photo.)

Players: 2-6
Age: 12 & up
Length: 20 min

All proceeds go to Worldbuilders.