• Trust Me I'm a Superhero
  • Trust Me I'm a Superhero

Trust Me I'm a Superhero

by Half Monster Games

$ 27.00

Product Description

Brought to us from our friends at Half Monster games, is Trust Me, I'm a Superhero!

Thank god you're here!

The mightiest superheroes have abandoned the city. You’re all that’s left to answer a Citizen’s Call for Help - no matter the danger (or lack thereof!). By combining whacky Super cards with questionable Power cards, you must try to win the round by convincing the Citizen you should be the one to answer their call. Winners become the next Citizen and you keep playing until one hero has won three times. If that's you... congratulations! You've done an ABOVE AVERAGE JOB!

With customizable card deck options geared towards all ages, Trust Me, I’m A Super Hero is the perfect wild party game or family-friendly game night addition. The rules and concept are easy-to-understand and entertaining for gamers of all experience levels. Our expansion options allow you to tune the game towards your group's particular tastes (be they naughty or nice). The player count covers even the largest game groups but plays excellently with just a couple of friends.

If you're wanting a game that'll have you rolling on the floor laughing for 30-60mins, Trust Me I'm a Superhero is for you!