• Foreign Editions - Obsidian Hearts  (Polish)
  • Foreign Editions - Obsidian Hearts  (Polish)
  • Foreign Editions - Obsidian Hearts  (Polish)
  • Foreign Editions - Obsidian Hearts  (Polish)

Obsidian Hearts (Polish)

by Ju Honisch

$ 35.00

Product Description

Obsydianowe serce is the two-volume Polish edition of Das Obsidianherzan original German publication.  It is a stand alone novel, and it is available here in trade paperback as a set, signed, inscribed, and dated by its author, Ju Honisch.

About the book:
"Munich 1865. A magical manuscript of ultimate destructive power has been stolen. British agent Delacroix has been sent to find it and bring it back. Two young Bavarian officers and a Scientist of the Arcane are supposed to assist him. There are, however, other and quite sinister forces at work who also strive to find the manuscript. They all covet its power to change the world into an image of their own cruel imagination. Miss Corrisande Jarrencourt, a young lady in search of a rich (and preferably gullible) husband, knows nothing of all this. She gets drawn into the adventure and finds out the hard way that the world harbours creatures whose existence she never believed in.

The story follows the tradition of the classic gothic novel - with some black humour and a pinch of steam punk."

This book was generously donated to us by the author. Visit Ju Honisch’s website for more info about her work. All proceeds go to Worldbuilders, a geek-centered nonprofit supporting humanitarian efforts worldwide.