True Fairy Tales 2: Eleven Classic Fairy Tales with a New Look (German)

by Ju Honisch

$ 45.00

Product Description

Wahre Märchen 2: Elf klassische Märchen in neuem Gewand is an collection compiled by and featuring photography by Annie Bertram.  It is an original German publication.  It is available here in hardcover, signed and dated by one of its contributing authors, Ju Honisch.

About the book:
"In 2008, photo artist Annie Bertram published her award-winning volume of photographs called True Fairy Tales. Her masterly enactment of opulent scenes, often in front of a morbid backdrop, [was] paired with reinterpretations of classic fairy tales by young and famous authors.  [...]  True Fairy Tales 2 is said to be reminiscent of the millenniums-old tradition of storytelling and gives a premonition that fairy tales can still be a moral support nowadays and are by no means just something to scare little children.  With her visionary eye for the extraordinary, Annie Bertram presents the fairy tales in a new light that often reveals abysses only at second glance or is simply dreamy, emotional and fantastic."

Contributing authors include:

This book was graciously donated to us by contributing author Ju Honisch. Visit Ms. Honisch's website for more info about her work. All proceeds go to Worldbuilders, a geek-centered nonprofit supporting humanitarian efforts worldwide.