• King's Dragon by Kate Elliott (Polish Edition)

King's Dragon by Kate Elliott (Polish Edition)

by Kate Elliott

$ 20.00

Królewski Smok is the Polish edition of King's Dragon, book one of the Crown of Stars series. It is available here in trade paperback, signed by its author, Kate Elliott.

"Elliott models her world from a thorough understanding of medieval European history, leavened with imaginative twists of perspective, such as a monolithic church that recognizes a Lady as well as a Lord of Creation and is dominated by a female hierarchy. She skews language, too, just enough to make it both satisfyingly familiar and tangibly other-an indispensable technique in conjuring convincing fictional worlds that never were, but that we, whether young or young in heart, wish could be." -Publisher's Weekly

This book was graciously donated to us by the author. Check out Kate Elliott’s website for more about the author's books. All proceeds go to Worldbuilders.