• Map of Pell
  • Map of Pell
  • Map of Pell

Map of Pell

by Kevin Hearne

$ 15.00

Product Description

For a taste of Kill the Farm Boy's silliness, look no further than the Map of Pell--the official map of the world as realized (and illustrated!) by Kevin. It clearly maps out the kingdom of Borix (featuring the towns Dismull, Bruding, and Drabbe), the Serpent Sea ("Here be Monsters, really specifically right here, not kidding".) 

This poster is 11.375" x 17", printed on 250g satin finish photo paper.

Get the first book in the tale, Kill the Farm Boy, here. Ever wonder who you would in world of Pell? Take the quiz here, you won't be disappointed! This map is officially licensed by Kevin Hearne.

All proceeds go to Worldbuilders.