• Foreign Editions - Wheel Of The Infinite  (Dutch)
  • Foreign Editions - Wheel Of The Infinite  (Dutch)

Wheel of the Infinite (Dutch)

by Martha Wells

$ 15.00

Product Description

Rad van het Oneindige is the Dutch edition of Wheel of the Infinite. It is available here in hardcover, signed by its author, Martha Wells.

"Fast-paced, witty and inventive, Wells' latest fantasy is not only about saving the world; it is also about saving Maskelle from self-doubt and isolation. The vividly imagined Celestial Empire's peril is made all the more dramatic by the characters' sarcastic, reasonable conversations, and by their very human responses to inhuman dangers; there is real reading pleasure here." -Publishers Weekly

This book was kindly donated to us by the author. Visit Martha Wells’s website for more coolness. All proceeds go to Worldbuilders.