Tak: A Beautiful Game (2nd Edition)

by Worldbuilders Market

$ 60.00

Product Description

“My next several hours were spent learning how to play Tak. Even if I had not been nearly mad with idleness, I would have enjoyed it. Tak is the best sort of game: simple in its rules, complex in its strategy. Bredon beat me handily in all five games we played, but I am proud to say that he never beat me the same way twice.”

-Kvothe, The Wise Man’s Fear

Introduced in The Wise Man’s Fear, Tak: A Beautiful Game is a 2-player strategy game invented by James Ernest of Cheapass Games and Patrick Rothfuss that is reminiscent of classics like Go and mancala. Building off the original Tak: Classic Set, this newly redesigned 2nd edition of Tak: A Beautiful Game comes packed with 62 wooden pieces as well as three beautiful double-sided boards in 5x5, 4x4, and 3x3 game layouts. 

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