Tak: Tavern Pieces

by Cheapass Games

$ 25.00

Product Description

Tak: A Beautiful Game is a 2-player abstract strategy game invented by James Ernest of Cheapass Games and Patrick Rothfuss. It was introduced in Pat's book The Wise Man's Fear.

The Tak Tavern pieces are 44 compact wooden pieces, which is enough for a 5x5 game. It includes a drawstring bag, but does not include rules or a board. Download or print rules here. It is designed for portability, and will fit in a large pocket or small purse. The pieces are the same ones that come in the University Set. They are smaller and shaped differently than the pieces in the Classic Set, which makes it easier to take on the go.

Because the Tavern pieces are intended for easy travel, it does not come with a board. If you'd like, you can mark the center of your play space with a Tak Collector Coin or pick up a Cloth Board to distinguish your game area and still keep it travel friendly!

Have you lost a piece?  We sell replacements hereFind more tak products and accessories hereAll proceeds go to Worldbuilders, a geek-centered nonprofit supporting humanitarian efforts worldwide.