• Jewelry - Dedicated Sword Pin™
  • Jewelry - Dedicated Sword Pin™
  • Jewelry - Dedicated Sword Pin™
  • Jewelry - Dedicated Sword Pin™

Dedicated Sword Pin™

by Robert Jordan

$ 70.00

Product Description

Inspired by The Wheel of Time ® series by Robert Jordan, the Badali Jewelry artists created the Dedicated™ Sword Pin of the Black Tower™.  Each Pin of the Dedicated is skillfully crafted in sterling silver and hand finished.  The The Dedicated Pin is an officially licensed Wheel of Time  replica through The BanderSnatch Group, Robert Jordan’s estate.  The design for the pin was approved by Robert Jordan before he passed away.

The sword pin was awarded to male channelers trained in The Black Tower when promoted to the level of Dedicated, a level similar to Accepted for the Aes Sedai .  The sword pin was worn on the left hand collar of the black coats worn by the Asha'man™.  Once earn, the Asha'man Dragon Pin was worn on the right hand side.  The pins were created and distributed by Rand al'Thor™, The Dragon Reborn™.

The sword pin measures approximately 69.2 mm (2 1/4") long by 24.1 mm (just under 1") across the hilt.  The pin weighs approximately 5.2 grams.  The back of the Dedicated Sword Pin is textured and stamped with our makers mark, copyright, and metal content - sterling.  The sword pin attaches with a standard brooch pin. This item comes with a card of authenticity.

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All proceeds go to Worldbuilders, a geek-centered nonprofit supporting humanitarian efforts worldwide.