• The Legend of Neil DVD

The Legend of Neil DVD

by Miscellaneous Creators

$ 15.00

Settle in for a geeky good time with the complete series of The Legend of Neil on DVD!

Signed by the illustrious signatures include creator/director/writer Sandeep Parikh, writer/actor Tony Janning, and actress Felicia Day.

About The Legend of Neil:

"Beer-guzzling slacker Neil Grimsley accidentally finds a code that sucks him into the fantasy video game The Legend of Zelda. Neil is immediately charged with the task of defeating the evil Lord Gannon and saving Princess Zelda, armed with nothing but a shoddy wooden sword and a gigantic hangover.

"Created and directed by Sandeep Parikh (The Guild, Community, SyFy's Viral Video Showdown), The Legend of Neil follows our reluctant hero (Tony Janning, Machinima's Prank Lab, Roddenberry's WhiteRoom: 02B3) as he traverses the world of Hyrule, encountering sarcastic wizard mentors (Mike Rose, The Guild), sex-starved fairies (Felicia Day, (The Guild, Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-long Blog), half-horse dance crews (Rober Hoffman, Step Up 2), whiny giants (comedians The Sklar Brothers) and much more!"

This unratred two-disk DVD contains all three seasons, plus some never before seen behind-the-scenes awesomeness.

All proceeds go to Worldbuilders.