• Apparel - Less Than Perfect Mystery T-shirts
  • Apparel - Less Than Perfect Mystery T-shirts

Less Than Perfect Mystery T-shirts

by Worldbuilders
$ 25.00

$ 10.00

Product Description

Take your chance on this sweet deal. We have a pile of t-shirts that are slightly irregular, but are for all practical purposes just dandy to wear. Especially for only $10 bucks! You pick your size, we pick the design. You could receive any shirt we carry in the store, or even a few that have been discontinued.

What does slightly irregular mean exactly? Well, the shirt may have a spot of some sort or a tiny hole due to manufacturing error, or screen printing ink that didn't quite make the cut.

Size availability fluctuates, so check back often! 

All proceeds go to Worldbuilders, a geek-centered nonprofit supporting humanitarian efforts worldwide.