Stanchion and Deoch, King of Hearts Poster

by Patrick Rothfuss
$ 20.00

$ 5.00

This poster is artwork from The Name of the Wind Playing Cards. Stanchion and Deoch, proprietors of the Eolian Bar, are depicted here as the King(s) of Hearts.

The Name of the Wind Playing cards are based on Patrick Rothfuss's bestselling novel. Pat collaborated with the artist, Shane Tyree, to make sure that every detail was just right.

Stanchion and Deoch are exquisitely detailed in these 13" x 19" posters, all of which are signed by Pat, and available either Stanchion right side up or Deoch right side up.

These posters were produced by Albino Dragon.

You can find more officially licensed merchandise in our Kingkiller Chronicles collection. All proceeds go to Worldbuilders.