• Wings of Stone by Ju Honisch (German Edition)
  • Wings of Stone by Ju Honisch (German Edition)

Wings of Stone by Ju Honisch (German Edition)

by Awesome Donations

$ 25.00

Schwingen aus Stein is an original German publication.  It is a stand alone novel, and it is available here in mass market paperback, signed, inscribed, and dated by its author, Ju Honisch.

About the book:
"A secret lies hidden in the Bavarian Forest, a curse that has caused havoc long time ago. While trying to escape from the Brotherhood of Light, the secret order that hunts down anything that appears demonic or suspect them, Constance, the governess, and Clarissa, her student, are carried along by the force of events. In an attempt to free her student, Constance gets deeper and deeper into the dark forest without a single idea of what might lie in wait for her there. Smugglers, murderers, wolves, monsters, spirits, mages, monks of the Brotherhood - they are all entangled in a web of events, and they all have their very own plans for Constance and Clarissa. And even the two strange gentlemen who have promised help, are not at all what they seem."

This book was generously donated to us by the author. Visit Ju Honisch’s website for more info about her work. All proceeds go to Worldbuilders.