Kingkiller Chronicle Charms

by Patrick Rothfuss

$ 29.00

Product Description

Create you own charm necklace or bracelet with nine charm options to choose from! Charms are handcrafted to order by the talented folks at Badali Jewelry and as such, take longer to ship than our normal processing times.

Auri's Brazen Gear™ Charm - The gear measures approximately 15.5 mm (just over 9/16") long, 14.8 mm (9/16) wide, 1.7 mm (1/16") thick, and weighs approximately 1.5 grams. 

Kvothe's Lute™ Charm - The lute measures approximately 41.7 mm (just under 1 7/8") long, 10.6 mm (just over 3/8") at the widest point, 5.5 mm (just over 3/16") at the thickest point, and weighs approximately 4.8 grams. 

Caesura Sword™ Charm - The sword charm measures approximately 45.3 mm (1 3/4") long, 11.6 mm (7/16") at the widest point, 2.6 mm (just over 1/16") at the thickest point, and weighs approximately 2.6 grams. The back of the sword is textured and is partially carved out to reduce weight.

Eolian Talent Pipe™ Charm - The Talent Pipes measures approximately 14 mm (just over 9/16") long (including bail), 10.4 mm (just under 7/16") wide, 3.1 mm (1/8") at the thickest point, and weighs approximately 1.6 grams. The Talent Pipe charm is available with a plain metal finish or a black antiqued finish. 

Rhetoric & Logic™ Charm - The book charm measure approximately 12.8 mm (just under 1/2") long, 10.5 mm (just over 3/8") at the widest point, 1.9 mm (1/16") thick, and weighs approximately 2.4 grams. The charm is three dimensional and finished on all sides. 

Chandrian Flame™ Charms - The candlestick charm measures approximately 20.2 mm (just over 13/16") long, 13 mm (1/2") wide from the candlestick base to handle, 2.9 mm (just under 1/8") wide at the candle, 3.2 mm (1/8") at the widest part of the flame, and weighs approximately 2.5 grams. The charm is available with your choice of a black antiqued finish, a two-tone red and yellow Regular Flame enamel finish, or a bright blue Chandrian Flame enamel finish. 

Optional bases include: an bangle style stainless steel bracelet 1.5 mm (1/16") side is expandable from 2 3/8" to 3", a 24" stainless steel chain, an 18" silver cable chain, and a 20" silver 1.2mm box chain.

This officially licensed Kingkiller Chronicles™ merchandise created by Patrick Rothfuss and Badali Jewelry comes packaged in a jewelry box with a card of authenticity. 

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These items are made-to-order. If not in stock, your order will ship in 5 to 10 business days.

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