COVID-19: International Shipping

Worldbuilders markets goals is to make sure we are doing all that as possible for you to receive your order quickly. Because of the COVID-19 virus and the delays that it has caused to the supply chain worldwide, all international shipping methods Worldbuilders uses to get your packages to you have been delayed significantly. Please understand that we do everything we can to make sure your items make it to you as quickly and safely as possible, however we have no control over what happens after our packages leave our loading dock.

Updated 3/1/2022:

We are continuing to monitor the changing status of every country and the hindrances each county is dealing with regarding shipping and logistics. The global supply chain continues to be an issue that we are dealing with, and we appreciate your understanding regarding this problem. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, our expected shipping times that we posted for international shipping were 4-8 weeks, with average actual times in transit being about a month, give or take a week. Now, it is unfortunately common to see times in transit that exceed the 8 week mark, and sometimes are taking even longer. This is even seen in countries that have very robust parcel services, it isn't just countries that don't have great infrastructure anymore.

Making matters even worse is that the process of scanning packages as they make their way through the mailstream is no longer enforced, and more often than not we are seeing packages appear to go missing, when in fact it is simply moving along like normal albeit not showing any tracking updates for several weeks sometimes. This has made the whole concept of shipping goods internationally extremely tricky and stressful for all parties involved. Please don't ever hesitate to reach out to us with any questions, inquiries, concerns, or anything relating to your shipments.

We are doing our absolute very best to make sure that we take every precaution to get your items to you as best as we can.