• IAC (Lady Astronaut) Cardigan
  • IAC (Lady Astronaut) Cardigan

IAC (Lady Astronaut) Cardigan

by Worldbuilders Market

$ 75.00

Product Description

A Worldbuilders Exclusive, these cardigans invoke the time period of the Lady Astronaut series by Mary Robinette Kowal and include an embroidered patch with the International Aerospace Coalition logo. Designed by Elizabeth Cano (@UnusualFrequenC ) in collaboration with the author, these cardigans are ethically sourced and made from an acrylic/polyester blend these are available in sizes SM to 3XL.

Grab one for your next Lady Astronaut cosplay!

What does ‘Ethically Sourced’ mean?

Great pains have been taken to ensure that the manufacturer for this item was vetted on multiple fronts. This includes both BSCI ( accreditation and WRAP ( certification.

What that means in real terms is that all employees are adults who are paid above minimum wage, receive overtime pay, vacation time, sick leave, and family time. The manufacturer also works with worker-led organizations to ensure adequate redress of all grievances and that safety and health are given high priorities. These standards are confirmed with BSCI audits.

Finally, the ISO 14001 standard verifies that the manufacturer runs their operation in an environmentally friendly manner with a focus on energy-efficient manufacturing and shipping, waste reduction, and materials used.

This cardigan sweater is one of our newest additions to the Lady Astronaut collection. You can find more items pertaining to the Lady Astronaut series from Mary Robinette Kowal right here!

As always, all proceeds from Worldbuilders Market go to Worldbuilders, a geek-centered nonprofit supporting humanitarian efforts worldwide.