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Jade War

by Fonda Lee

$ 30.00

Product Description

Available now in hardcover from Worldbuilders Market is Jade War by Fonda Lee, book 2 of The Green Bone Saga. This book will ship at a later date, along with a bookplate signed by the author!

Jade War is the second book of the Green Bone Saga: an epic trilogy about family, honor, and those who live and die by the ancient laws of blood and jade.

Kaul family members are locked in a violent feud on Kekon to control the capital city and the magical jade that gives Green Bone warriors their unique powers. War is on the horizon outside of Kekon. As foreign governments and mercenary criminal kingpins turn their eyes on the island nation, the Kaul family is forced to form new and dangerous alliances to confront enemies in the darkest streets and the tallest office towers, sacrificing honor to ensure their own survival-and that of the Green Bones.

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