Tak: Scriv's Set

by Wyrmwood

$ 310.00

Product Description

A scriv is prepared for all situations, and one of the most important is a spontaneous game of Tak. The Scriv Set board doubles as a carrying-case for its 60 square pieces and two beautiful capstones. Crafted by our friends at Wyrmwood Gaming, this set is made from Cherry Wood, with the pieces made from Rock Maple and Bolivian Rosewood. It's perfect for a game of Tak on the go and durable enough to carry with you, while beautiful enough to display on your shelf.

These lovely boards are made of real wood and feature all the variation in color and character that makes it fun to just admire for hours.

If you're a crafty person who wants to make their own Tak pieces, but you want a high-quality board to play on and store your pieces in, we give you the option to choose Scriv's Board. This is the same Cherry Wood board in the Scriv's Set, but without the playing pieces included. Note that in order to hold 62 pieces (enough for a 6x6 game), pieces must be one inch by one inch square, and 5/8" thick.

Download or print Tak rules here.

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All proceeds go to Worldbuilders, a geek-centered nonprofit supporting humanitarian efforts worldwide.