Tak: Wolf and Hawk Metal Capstones

by Worldbuilders

$ 20.00

Product Description

As key pieces in Tak: A Beautiful Game, capstones are already set apart from the other pieces with their unique look and abilities. Add an additional layer of elegance by replacing your capstones with these Wolf and Hawk Metal Capstones. 

Cast by the good folks at Eleven Metal, these hefty all-metal pieces have a pewter and brass ox finish with a zinc core. Buy the set or choose the one that will best intimidate your opponent.

Introduced in The Wise Man's Fear, Tak: A Beautiful Game is a 2-player strategy game invented by James Ernest of Cheapass Games and Patrick Rothfuss that is reminiscent of classics like Go and mancala. Click here to download or print Tak rules.

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All proceeds go to Worldbuilders, a geek-centered nonprofit supporting humanitarian efforts worldwide.