The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game - Expansion Packs

by Evil Hat Productions

$ 10.00

Product Description

Play Harry Dresden and his friends as they take on the cases from the bestselling Dresden Files novels, with these additional characters and books! Each expansion includes two characters and two book decks. Pick up your favorites or buy them all!

Expansion 1 – Fan Favorites
Character decks: Thomas Raith and Waldo Butters
Book decks: Blood Rites and Dead Beat

Expansion 2 – Helping Hands
Character decks: Sanya and Molly Carpenter
Book decks: Proven Guilty and White Night

Expansion 3 – Wardens Attack
Character decks: Carlos Ramirez and Anastasia Luccio
Book decks: Small Favor and Turn Coat

Expansion 4 - Dead Ends
Character decks: Jared Kincaid and Mortimer Lindquist
Book decks: Changes and Ghost Story

Expansion 5 - Winter Schemes
Character decks: Winter Knight Harry and Winter Lady Molly
Book decks: Cold Days and Skin Game

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