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After the Romans left Britain over 30 years ago the Pics and the Scots have been slowly gaining power and they are pushing further and farther inland. Having few options left Vortigern, the great chieftain of Britain, has asked the Saxon brothers Hengist and Horsa to help defend Britain. You and your brother agree to help but when you went to collect your fee, driven by greed Vortigern refuses to pay your fee.  For there was only one thing he loved more than his people, himself.

Leaving empty handed was not an option so you decide to take matters into your own hands! You have good maps, strong fighters, and stout boats. The coast is littered with villages, towns, monasteries, and estates. You will take what is rightfully yours! Who will win the thrilling hunt for fame and fortune: Hengist or Horsa?

In Hengist, both players compete for the same treasure tiles. The player who reaches a treasure tile with one of his raiding groups first gets the tile — but a part of the road is hidden and must be explored first. Not always is the direct path the most successful way. The player who uses their cards wisely and has a little bit of luck will get the more valuable treasure tiles and win the game.

Designer: Uwe Rosenberg
Players: 2
Playing Time: 20 minutes 
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All proceeds go to Worldbuilders, a geek-centered nonprofit supporting humanitarian efforts worldwide.