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  • Patrician


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Throughout the middle Ages, wealthy and influential men and women across Italy wished to prove their importance. They desired a solid, visible symbol of their power and prosperity. So, they built magnificent tower-like buildings the more influential the family, the taller the towers but the competition never let up, and if a family should ever lose influence, newer, taller towers quickly appeared.

As a master builder of these "Patrician Towers", you stand ready to profit from the vanity of these patrician families. You will build their towers, adding floor after floor. And when the towers are complete, you will be there to take the credit In Patrician, players compete to build the tallest towers in cities across Italy. You must shrewdly accept the building orders of the patrician families to position yourself in the right place at the right time. Play your cards right, and your name will be famous among the rich and powerful Contents like 149 wooden tower pieces, 55 building cards, double-sided game board , 20 prestige tokens and rules.

Designer: Fréderic Moyersoen
Players: 2-5
Playing Time: 45-60 minutes
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All proceeds go to Worldbuilders, a geek-centered nonprofit supporting humanitarian efforts worldwide.